Coogs in the Pros - Week 13

Nolan Frese (SEA): Frese got a lot of work and performed exceptionally in the Seahawks 40-7 win over Carolina. Frese was perfect on 4 of 4 made FGs and 4 of 4 XPs. He also snapped well on 1 punt that went 41 yards.
Thomas Gafford (DEN): Gafford has been perfect on his snaps so far in 2 games. Sunday, in the Broncos 20-10 win over Jacksonville, Denver punted 11 times for a 46.0 ypp with 2 inside the 20. They were also 2 for 2 on FG and 2 for 2 on XP.
Elandon Roberts (NE): Roberts is a little bit beat up with a jaw injury, but did get some playing time. He recorded 1 tackle in the 26-10 win over the Rams
Kenneth Farrow (SD): Farrow had 4 carries for 15 yards in a 28-21 loss to Tampa Bay. He did reel off an 8 yard run during 3 straight runs on the first drive and the Chargers scored a TD on that drive.
Case Keenum (LA): Case didn’t see action in the Rams 26-10 loss to the Patriots. Goff was awful: 14-32 161 yards 1 TD 2 INT and sacked 4 times
Injured Reserve: William Jackson III (Cin), Sebastian Vollmer (NE), Charles Sims (TB), DJ Hayden (Oak)
Practice Squad: Demarcus Ayers (Pit), Adrian McDonald (SD), Joey Mbu (Was), Lee Hightower (Was), Derrick Mathews (GB)

Next Week:

Sun @ noon: Thomas Gafford (DEN) at Tennessee on CBS
Sun @ noon: Kenneth Farrow (SD) at Carolina on FOX
Sun @ 3:25pm: Nolan Frese (SEA) at Green Bay on FOX
Sun @ 3:25pm: Case Keenum (LA) vs Atlanta on FOX
Mon @ 7:30pm: Elandon Roberts (NE) vs. Baltimore on ESPN

  • DJ Hayden went on IR this past week with a severe hamstring injury and won’t return this season
  • Demarcus Ayers wasn’t signed off the practice squad this week even though there were a number of rumors that said there was a good chance he would be
  • Thomas Gafford is in danger of being cut if Denver’s long snapper is healthy. He’s done well in the two weeks he’s played though.

So when is the LA media going to start clamoring for Case? Goff is horrible. Will they start seeing the only reason they had any wins was Case?

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It makes me so happy that rams fans are flipping out! This is proof that the problem wasn’t Keenum, which means he will get a shot as a free agent next year with someone else. …and he needs to get the hell away from that franchise before he gets killed. That offensive line is horrible with no hope of improvement. They traded all their draft picks to get Goff.

Suck it, Rams!


I believe Case & Goff are better than they’re showing in LA. The problem isn’t so much them as it is the coaching/scheming, bad oline, bad receivers, no running game … Case just needs to get with a team that has good coaching and good players.

They have a horrible oline and horrible receivers, that is a really bad combination for a QB. That is why it was such shit that people were slamming Case. He was saving the team, not hurting it.

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The media/fans won’t. The media and fans are going after Fisher…have been for weeks now. I can tell you all that there was a huge number of loyal Rams fans when they moved to Saint Louis and during their stay there. When they came back to SoCal the expectations were way higher than they should have been.
There are four culprits in this:
Snead - why would you trade so many of your draft picks when you knew what were your weak points.
They surely did not improve as a squad before the season started.
Fisher - why hire Boras as an OC when you had multiple choices available. Proven choices that is.
Boras - He got an entire off season to build an offense. His play calling has been the same since he took over his predecessor. I can’t remember a new OC getting really a promotion and failing so miserably. I wrote about it but the pre-season was a clear indication of what offense they were going to run. They as a group have not changed anything. Again, you decide on Case as your starter? Put in plays that SUITS HIM. That is what great and good Coaches do. I keep writing about it but to not use a hurry up offense with Case was a monumental mistake. That would suit Goff just fine.
I surely hope that Case rebounds with another Team. I am/we are all pulling for him.
I was at the Cardinals game and I can tell you all that Case carried the Rams in that game.
One other point:
Case plays very well against Detroit, Tampa Bay (last year), Phoenix and remember the game he played against the Patriots against the Texans? Why? That is what I would study and find if he suits my offense.
Teams have to do a lot of talent evaluation but you can be sure quite a few will be looking at him.

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