Coogs Need Discipline

Pre-snap Penalties
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Late Hits
Fumbles and Interceptions

Correct these and maybe we lose only to Tulsa.


So maybe the players saying Spring practice was better this year because coaches weren’t yelling at them was foreshadowing?


100% on coaches and the culture they set/accept

Absolutely and it’s squarely on the coaches.

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Yep, the lack of discipline is starting to show.

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Discipline, attention to detail and aggressiveness is a culture that is set by the coaching staff.

Arm tackling


All of the best teams are well-disciplined teams.

Yelling shows athletes that you, as a coach, have passion for what you are doing and care. Low energy, calm voices says you are just there for the paycheck.

In practice especially, coaches need to get in players shorts when they screw up and be equally loud and in their face when they do well. Passion and excitement are important to show. It’s how most athletes know you care and builds discipline and a desire to excel.

I disagree with this pretty strongly – I think that a level-headed approach and a calm demeanor give the impression that everything is under control, that any problems are fixable, and that you trust your guys.

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in team meetings, yes, this fine. But when correcting errors on the practice field AND praising good performance, a big deal needs to be made and raising one’s voice re-enforces how a big a deal it is.

Kindly reminding little Johnny that he shouldn’t flinch until the ball is snapped doesn’t work.

Word is that CMA is much different in practices than he is in public. JD and others have mentioned how CMA yells quite a bit and will get after players on the field.

I am of the opinion that you have to know your personnel. Some guys respond to the in your face style of coaching. Some kids have an averse reaction to it, and it is counter productive. I’m not talking about preferential treatment, but a team full of individuals is not going to respond to a coach’s one size fits all approach to communication.

This has nothing to do with yelling or not. Practices can be close to the public but we should know by now how much time our Coaching staff really spends on details.
It is a fair question(s) for JD to ask about how our training as a whole is structured. I would love to see how a “Coaching” day is divided by each Coach. Structure, structure, structure helps you analyse what works and what does not. I am sure we are set up that way but to what extent? When we see repetitive mistakes this is both on the players but also on the Coaches. Do you all really think that it would be acceptable with some other programs? Again, you have sub par Teams that win games because they are sound. Are we? Our records and the ways we have lost games give us the answer. Major might be focused on details but is it the case for every Coach on our Team? I grant you this is a “pompous” question to ask but JD could very well ask the question.

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We are definitely not a fundamentally sound football team and there has not been any consistent move in that direction.