Coogs offers Jae'lyn Brooks

If the name sounds familiar, he is Armoni Brooks younger brother, a (6’4 guard) impressive shooter,
however, i’m also impressed by his 5.1 Gpa…


One would think he can see what CKS did for his brother and understand what he could get from playing at UH. He graduates this semester and we are his first D1 offer; would he be coming as a walk-on? I guess we can have space for him on scholarship if one of our current players transfers.

if he is half the shooter Armani is…he already needs to have his name on a UH BB locker in the Guy Lewis Development Center!!!

No D1 offers as of yet. My feelings like a few have said , he would come on as a walk-on. If the talent is there you would think any of the lower D1 Schools would have offered by now-- SHSU, SFA, Lamar, Tarleton etc. Nice gesture by Sampson & Staff.

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He must have Ms. Shields’ class with Ralphie…


If you take certain classes while in high school then you use a different grade scale.
Students in high school who take the basic curriculum get capped out at 4 while students who take AP and maybe DC classes get capped at 6


How many and what schools offered his brother Armoni ???

Sampson knows talent whether he has other offers or not!!!


Sounds good Dean!

Edit: my whole premise was if there wasn’t the Brother connection, I doubt they would have offered him. Neither one of us know for sure, n it’s just my opinion based on other factors.


Just to be nice – Schools offered to Armoni:
Creighton, KState, TxState, SHSU, Neb, Rice, FresnoSt, Tulsa, UH.
Hope that helps.

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Did they actually offer him a scholarship or a walk on spot? Brooks’s tweet is unclear but I assumed it’s was preferred walk on spot like they did with Elvin.


It definitely sounds like a PWO spot

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5.1 out of what, 6?

5.1? Extra points to Gryffindor?

He dropped a 46 piece. lol