Coogs on the Road Summer Tour

Anyone attending next Wednesday May 8 at Landry’s in The Woodlands. Wife and I will be there.

From the email I received - Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store:

  • Meet and greet with Houston Men’s Basketball Head Coach Kelvin Sampson, Houston Football Head Coach Willie Fritz and Houston Vice President for Athletics Chris Pezman among other special guests.
  • Exclusive insights into the upcoming season and behind-the-scenes stories.
  • Opportunities to mingle with fellow Cougar enthusiasts and share your excitement for our teams.
    Join us on the following dates and locations from 6 to 8 p.m.:

May 6 Metroplex Varispace Coppell (450 North Freeport Pkwy Coppell, Texas, 75019)

May 8 The Woodlands - Landry’s Seafood House in The Woodlands (1212 Lake Robbins Drive)

June 18 San Antonio - Hilton Palacio Del Rio (200 S. Alamo Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205)

June 19 Clear Lake/Webster - Lewis Jewelers in Webster (19335 Gulf Fwy, Webster, Texas 77598)

Best of all, admission is free! Simply [register now]

I wish he would have one in Houston, even better, west Houston.

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My wife and I will be attending.

Last night I went to the one in Coppell. Apparently, we had 60 fans in attendance. Hopefully that was fans plus guests but maybe total fans, plus admin. Hopefully you can attend tomorrow night if you’re in downtown to north Houston. It was incredible!

First, seeing Kelvin and his wife walk in was like seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. No red carpet but just like wow! I see you on TV a lot and now you’re in person. Kelvin makes a point to get to know people’'s names and connect with everyone, especially kids. Coach Fritz is also very relatable and will talk with you like a long time friend and not just chatting with fellow admin. Great dude who’s putting the pieces together. The voice of UH football broadcasting was the emcee and AD Pezman gave an overview of the AD, progress with NIL changes and the Football Ops building.

Please make an effort to go. The coaches, especially Kelvin, deserve a strong showing after the incredible result last year. Football is also headed in the right direction. Good chance to get some pics with the stars of the show. Go Coogs!

Fritz said to watch out for a defensive player from OU that had to sit out a year. That’s not Jamal Morris is it?


I second the road show. It is not often alumni in DFW get to mingle one on one with head coaches. Very relatable, very personable and very informative on the state of the basketball and football programs. Like was said, we usually only get to see them on TV or at the team hotel in San Antonio before Villanova or on the court in Dallas before Duke, this was great and even had the band. Coaches would love your support.


Worth a trip up to the Woodlands, unless you get to talk to Sampson a lot. Great guy.

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Maybe that DB that sat out a year from USC/OU?


That’s the one. Fritz said to watch out for him. High impact player.


I’m going. I took of work to go. See yall there.


It was great! CKS walked right up and asked my name, he’s quite a person, he makes a impact on you where you pay attention to him. CWF super friendly and just a great guy. I talked to Chris Pezman as well. They were all grateful and i left feeling appreciated.


It was a nice event, and seemed well attended. The room they had was full.

If I recall correctly, Pez was saying the NIL landscape is changing and schools may soon begin to pay players directly and we will need 20-25 million to compete in the NIL world. He said while other schools may build up their NIL collective with personal donations we have succeeded at this point with businesses stepping up.

CKS continues to be irascible as a coach. CWF is the awe shucks kind of coach. CWS said we will run a prostyle offense, not a college gimic one. The kind of offense where a kid will run the same kind of system a team in the NFL would run.


Thanks for the update. Glad it was packed. Yes, it’s a tremendous event. South Houston Coog fans watch out for the June event!

You might want to change CWS to CWF in your post. I know you know the difference and it was just a mishit that you didn’t even notice, so I am not trying to be snarky.

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