Coogs open as a 12 point favorite

I’m a bit concerned about stopping the triple option but I am extremely confident that our offense will steamroll Navy’s D.

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Actually, it’s our pass defense that’s the problem; see BYU.

Against the run, I like our chances.

I’ll take the point spread!


Navy has been passing a lot more this year as well. It is concerning. They have been effective at throwing it up a little more catching opposing defenses off guard.


They’re so physical; but I think this year’s team may not be as good as years past.

I’m pulling for the Coogs, but I don’t see us stopping their option game. Sorry, but reality comes into play.

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I think we will handle their option better than in the past, this defense is better and more experienced! I do think they will hit some passes on us. Navy will probably play two deep zone on us, so we need to run well against them so they have to adjust.

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Which reality are you referring to? The reality this year is that Navy is terrible. Their wins have come against awful teams and were still very close games. The two decent teams they’ve played (BYU and possibly Air Force) stomped them into submission. Air Force has only played 1 game, but held Navy to 90 yards rushing (that was Navy’s 3rd game of the year). BYU held Navy to 119 yards rushing.

On the other hand, the one aspect of our defense that has been consistently solid through 2 games is the rushing defense. Unless we decide to give up 300+ through the air or have 5 turnovers again, we win this one going away. Even then we probably still win pretty easily. This is not the Navy team of years past.


I hope your right and I am confident the team gets the win

Way too many on the road vs a team that runs the ball 95% of the time.

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We lost against them when we had Ed Oliver and with two players suspended for fighting each other 4 years ago. They also tried to intentionally cut block big ED.

Yeah and we beat them with ed Oliver his final year so?..

The Coogs have a good run defense. Navy will have issues. Coogs by 21+


12 points seems a lot to me, but maybe I’m still PTSD from some our recent Navy games. I certainly hope we win by more than a touchdown, though. If our defense shows up and competes we’ll be fine.


Unless the team gets a bad batch of crab soup the night before we should win comfortably.

wait and see who actually gets on the plane before deciding anything…two more negative tests needed between now and then


And of all teams Navy has had some devastating success throwing against us.

The one match up I like this year is our OL vs. Navy’s pass rush. LY Navy was in Tune’s face like a locust swarm. Our OL is vastly better TY.


Navy’s strengths aren’t passing the ball. The thing that has given UH trouble in the past is their bootleg running play from the QB position.

I do not recall us ever playing well at Navy. If I were a gambler I’d take Navy and the point.

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The Navy teams we have played in Annapolis in the recent past were infinitely better than the Navy team we will play this year. I think we win this one by 3 TDs.


We’ve only played at navy twice…1-1 I believe.

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