Coogs over TX Tech (US News & World Report Rankings 2018)

US News academic rankings came out this weekend and UH is ranked #171 and TX Tech is #187.

Tech has been dropping in those rankings while UH has been rising. Sort of like the football teams’ relative directions.


No school in Texas is rising faster.

I think that most people with common sense knew that we were academically stronger than Tech all along.

USNEWS is just late to the party.

I should also mention that our law school rankings aren’t even close.

UH Law Center is ranked #56.
Tech is ranked #118.

Tech also doesn’t have any of UHLC’s Top Ten speciality programs (like Health Law and Intellectual Property) either.

No comparison.

Post this in the “Academic Excellence” section as well, if it hasn’t been posted there already!

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Not anything I’d brag about. Lots of schools ahead of us that were surprising to me.

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US News academic rankings have never been friendly to UH and they have always under-rated us. Their most important criteria seems to be 4 year graduation rates over a 5 or 10 year period.


Don’t forget, UH has only been Tier 1 for several years… Like 4 years I believe. UH is rising quick though, just like their Athletics. Getting a degree from UH is so much better than 5 years ago when it comes to job hunting.

Yep, Grad rates are huge to UNWR. Ours will continue to go up and we’ll continue to rise in the rankings. Realize that we weren’t even ranked about a decade ago.

Better than 5 years ago? Try using a 22-year old degree from UH. I traded mine last week for a Casey Candaele baseball card and a bag of Fritos.



Other rankings:

In Texas:
16 - Rice
49 - UT
59 - SMU
66 - A&M
78 - Baylor
80 - TCU
129 - UT-Dallas
171 - UH
187 - Texas Tech
221 - Dallas Baptist
221 - UT-Arlington

American Athletic Conference Rankings
44 - Tulane
59 - SMU
63 - UCONN
106 - Tulsa
106 - Temple
124 - USF
147 - Cincinnati
165 - UCF
171 - UH
194 - ECU
230-301 - Memphis
230-301 - Wichita State
22 in National Liberal Arts Colleges - Navy

66 - BYU
127 - San Diego State
140 - Colorado State
187 - New Mexico
230-301 - Boise State
230-301 - UNLV

Tier 1 for what? Carnegie designation? That doesn’t do anything but get us a banner on the wall. We’re still not getting PUF and schools like USF are way up the list.

The Medical School will help.

Seeing SMU, Baylor, and TCU near UCONN lets you know something about these rankings: undergrad stats about grad time, class size, et cet HEAVILY outweigh research.

Definitely…USNWR is notorious for not including research into their statistics. It’s why Tech has been ahead of UH for as long as they have.

We should see a solid gain next year too. 4 year graduation rate will jump from 25% to 30%, and the six year rate will probably go up by ~5% as well. The year after that, the 4 year graduation rate will go to 32%, which matches what Tech’s rate is right now. Assuming their’s doesn’t change much, the lead should continue to widen.

UT-D should be our rival academically, not Tech.


Why is our four-year graduation rate improving? Has something changed?

yes, our administration is putting a great deal of effort into increasing our 4 year graduation rates. Any time you increase effort in an endeavor you should improve (except maybe our defense in football).


HA! Depends on the coaching. I’ll take Coach Khator over Coach D’Onofrio in any endeavor.


Like someone else said, Khator & Co. have made raising graduation rates a priority for a long time. USNews uses outdated 4 year graduation rates, and UH publishes more recent data on their website, so you can basically know ahead of time what the rates published on USNews will be in the coming years.

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I agree with several posts above, grad rates are key. UH has done a good job of increasing grad rates over the past 5 years, with some room to grow for sure.

The purpose of going to school is to graduate, and given the strength of the economy in general and Houston in particular - UH students need to be serious about their academics and graduate on time.

Love to see Houston catch UT-Dallas next and get in the 120’s.

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