Coogs still 6th in the AP poll

Gaining on Clemson and Michigan. Louisville 10th and OU 14th. Cincy got a vote.

The Cinci game is a biggie… . Oklahoma likely wins at home against the Buckeyes and if Loiseville ekes out a win against Florida State, …watch out…
Ultimately, it’s always has been about Cinci …nothing else, 1-0

Arkansas and TCU get love just because they had an exciting game. Voters must have forgot that Arkansas should have lost to LA Tech and TCU struggled and let an FCS team score 40+ against them in week one.

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kinda weird that in one of the weakest years for the SEC (as far as watching their teams play) they still have 8 ranked teams, only one in the top 10 though.

And thanks for reminding us of that. I got caught up in the game last night. It was pretty intense and you can lose your perspective. I remember watching SFA play Sam Houston one year thinking Sam Houston could be a BCS contender. It’s all about perspective. Ask Oklahoma.

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think if we can win and impress the voters against Cincy, we could move up…

Right. We have to take care of business. 1-0.

Coogs won’t be moving up until a team ahead loses.

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Correct. Wins are about maintaining our current position in the standings right now. We need to impress to stay at six. The guys ahead of us will weed themselves out eventually.

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I really doubt we will get much of a shot at moving up. Those are traditional big time programs in front of us. It will be up to UH to keep winning and even get some style points just to fend off the teams below us. To move up someone ahead of us will have to lose s game. Even then don’t be surprised if a team below us jumps the line. Sad but true.

Wow that’s really useful table. Mind sharing what site publishes that?

Well, two teams currently ahead of us will certainly have to lose. Florida State plays Clemson on 10/29 and Ohio State plays Michigan on 11/26. Two teams ahead of us losing bodes well for us, but you’re right that we have to take care of business. I’m sincerely hoping Louisville arrives to town on 11/17 undefeated, which will mean they have beaten Clemson and Florida State and will almost certainly be ahead of us at that time. Assuming we finish the season undefeated and beat UL under those circumstances, I don’t think it will be possible to keep us out.

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I’d like to give Gary Horowitz & Bill Landis each a hug. They get it.

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