Coogs @ Tulsa Score Prediction

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Vegas has it at Tulsa -3, basically pick 'em. I am clueless on this one friends, I do not know what to expect…with that said

Coogs - 20
Golden Hurricane - 19

Coogs 20
Golden Showers 35


55-7, go coogs!

No idea either.

Coogs - 47
Tulsa - 32

UH wins…31-27.

Coogs 35
Golden Flash Floods 27

Alton goes for over 100 yards rushing, and our special teams go to town on 'em!!!

Thanks T-Moar…spewed my cup of joe on that one

Tulsa 38
UH 10

UH 17
Tulsa 31

I’m staying away from guessing on this one. Tulsa’s offense is an enigma. They put up a ton of yards, but don’t actually score that much (490 ypg but only 25.3 ppg). The rub will be who turns the ball over and who doesn’t and we need to establish the ability to run to keep time of possession in our favor. If we play the first half against Tulsa like we did Navy, there’s no chance we win this game. It’s time to put a whole game together.

I see a lot of y’all thinking the same as me.

UH: 13
tulsa: 37


Isn’t Tulsa’s QB supposedly an even bigger turnover machine than Tune?

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UH: 35
Tulsa: 17

Coogs 27
Tulsa 24

Defensive TD late wins it!

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I could see things ending poorly for us, but I think DH and Tune finally break through.
UH 37, Tulsa 27

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Coogs by 7.

34-21 Coogs

I’ll go
Coogs - 31
Tulsa - 17


  • first non-slow start for Coogs, but offense slows in second half
    -One INT earned and one tipped pass for INT for Tune (in second half)
  • One missed field goal for us
  • McCaskill breaks off a long one for TD
  • Coogs D forces fumble on QB

T-Moar ……That’s just nasty :face_vomiting:

Coogs 27

Tulsa 23

Hope defense is on point tonight…. I did not realize Tulsa put up 500 yards on Ohio st.

34 Coogs
24 Tulsa