Coogs up to #5 in NET


looks right to me, the zags look the most dangerous to me right now, they are winning by huge margins…

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Whatever happens in the tournament will happen. It is one and done so anything can happen. It wont surprise me if we make it to the final four and it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t make it out of the first weekend. Anything can happen.

But I am really happy we are back in the national discussion in college basketball. We were royalty and its good to be back.

If you look at the sports history of the city of Houston. Houston Cougar basketball is right up there with the current Astros and the early 90s Rockets (which were Coog driven). Its good to be back, it just feels right.


And we are #3 in RealTimeRPI, right behind Kansas and Duke.

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We are at #7 in the Power Rankings of both ESPN and CBS Sports.

Yes Sir… Truth!!!

Here’s hoping, as I always do anyway, that UK and UNC-Cheat lose out and help get the Coogs to the 2 line.

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Duke time in 30 minutes :wolf:.

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did you post on wrong forum ? :thinking:

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I would have been very surprised if we had made the final 4 last year, a little surprised if we had made the sweet 16. It’ll blow my mind if we’re not in the sweet 16 this year…barring something devastating.

No I’m messing with Packtex.


Oh now I see. When I was young kid my favorite College player was David Thompson. Loved watching the ‘74’ NCST team with Towe, Thompson, Burleson.


I did too. I went to the North-South Doubleheader in Charlotte and got the entire team to autograph my program while they watched the first game.


We hung around longer than I thought we would. Duke did an outstanding job taking away the three point line and offensive rebounding. We have rebounded much better than we did tonight against most teams. Just too much of a talent gap. We have almost no margin for error to make the dance. Might be able to lose once and still get in.


UH up to #3 at

If LSU can beat Tennessee at home next week, they can win the SEC regular season title which helps UH. A 33-1 UH team MIGHT have a shot at the final 1 seed if neither UK or UT wins the SEC.


They also lost their star center for the year.

A #2 seed would be awesome as well.

Now that the AP#1 has lost their second game…

How many more wins will it take for UH to get its first AP #1 vote? All the way through @ Cincy?


Not likely to happen this year no matter what.