Coogs @ UW Huskies Soccer

Looking good early, 10’ corner, 12’ shot just over the bar almost hit my toddler in the forehead.


FYI - I’m watching it Free & Live thru Pac-12 Insider Here:

Edit: This is our first game as Members of the Big 12 Conference…so far, I’m liking UH dominating and looking ferocious on offense. Hope we get some goals soon.


Didn’t get to watch the entire first half but from what I’ve seen, UH is the better team. Just need to put it in the net and prove it.

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It’s at least even for the most part but we are having more success pressing attacks.

Coogs are living dangerously in this second half.

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We’re getting tired, gonna be tough to hold on.

Well, it was a draw.

Always good to get the first game behind.