Coogs vs ECU Score Prediction

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Coogs - 37
Eye Patches - 17

Go Coogs !!!

ECU should not be taken lightly. Potential trap game.


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UH some
ECU less than UH

Have you ever thought that Mike Leach should have been the ECU coach, after all his thing is all about pirates.

37 - 17. Wow. That was my initial thought about the game’s outcome as well. However, I do agree that East Carolina is a dangerous opponent. That being said, if we don’t turn the ball over, I think we can put them away by the end of the 3rd quarter.

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UH 69


UH’s D will keep ECU under control and allow points off of turnovers.

Tune, now at full strength, will continue his progression, and Alton will get one or more rushing touchdowns.

UH 39
ECU 17

We win, but doubt Tune will be at full strength.

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49-14 Coogs

Coogs 54

A state that I have never heard of 14


B Pirates 24
UH 30


Coogs 24
Pirates 14

I never predict scores, only outcomes.
I think we win, but ECU is a better team this year.
If Tune continues to improve we win.
If Tune has a bad game, it could be very close.

Waiting for Funk…

Coogs 55
Capt. Hooks 10

Defense Rocks…

Houston 24 TDECU 7

Coogs 24-9 and we have to change the name of our stadium.

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38-24 Houston

UH 42
ECU 17

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They are paying UH $2,000,000.00 per year cash for the right to put their name on our stadium. If you don’t like the name then offer more money and put your name on the facility.


I just want UH to win. Hope it’s by a lot of points, but really don’t care as long as the Coogs win.