Coogs WIN the “Fire the Coach Bowl”!

Congratulations Dana…one more year.


Is that a challenge? 3 games left… hold my Red Bull

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It did we win it?

I would gladly help Aranda move back to Baton Rouge and take over LSU’s hapless D

What was worse for Aranda? Losing to UH or the halftime interview?


Why is there so much concern for LSU in our community?

Because we open the season against them in 27 and we want to at least have a punchers chance at a win.

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By ‘27 Dana will be .450 in his tenure here and people will say, “we need more depth! Without a Chinese massage parlor in the injury tent we’re never gonna recruit squat.”

Next year is make or break if we don’t improve he will be gone.

Well, you’ve mollified me. But I’ll be back this afternoon after I’ve forgotten that…firing both barrels.

Dana getting to 6-6 shows the level of mediocrity in CFB.

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