Cool Technology in UH Law Building

These guys try out the innovative self-check out check (not like Walmart) located at the new Law Building on campus. The clip starts at 5:07 but you can watch the whole video as well.



I always find it neat to see UH from a 3rd party POV and listen to what they have to say about the University.

It’s also exciting to see campus continuously evolving for the better. I graduated in 2016 as many projects were either starting, in the middle of completion or in the process of finishing up.

Since then they’ve built and completed the new Law Bldg & the new Oberholtzer Hall (I forget the new name for it…believe it’s the Quads now). And It seems they’re renovating the inside of the Roy E. Cullen building when I walked around campus last weekend.

Almost forgot, they’re also building a brand new, above ground Satellite building. So yeah, LOTS going on right now.

UH also has robot food delivery and smart trash cans.

UH has trash cans for smart trash?

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Very cool!

They have a store like that at Minute Maid Park.
P.S.- Did that kid low key diss UH football?

I’ve watched their channel for years and I’m stoked they chose to go to UH and used us as the thumbnail. Hopefully we’re recruiting him in golf. He said he’s choosing based on college football as well as weather and knew we just got into B12. Good video thank you for the share.

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