Cooogs open as a 9.5 point favorite

Apparently Mutin is our leading passer.


Big hairy deal lol

Fearless prediction: we roll 'em.

Tech was too big and physical to be pushed around.

But Rice won’t be.


I predict a 3-point game.


I swear if we lay a turd on this one I will lose my sheet. :grimacing:


This may be the year we turn every opportunity into a problem.

Wonder if they will start Green or McCaffery. Green played bad and had some really bad turnovers, mccaffrey didn’t look great they put him in late

I can see a 35-31 kind of game…either way.

Now is everyone’s chance to get back some of their entertainment investment budget , you get to bash the team, tbe coach & get paid ! Win win win for the Coog fans.

Way too many points for this team to be laying on the road. The big equalizer on the road is protecting the ball and we have the most turnover prone QB on the planet.

Take take take … we suck , we are terrible, tbe staff sucks, fire Dana , I’ve been reading all these threads so take the points

Rice and the points. Hell, they might beat us.

Rice is all about smart folks. We are doomed!

Seriously, I think with our bigger boys we will do OK