Copa America

Well, the tourney just kicked off and the USNT kicked a turd.

Boy, does the USNT look like hot garbage. They had the majority of the possession but looked like they were going to lose the game from the early stages.

Only watched bits at a time but they just looked lost. I wasn’t impressed by Costa Rico but they’ll whip the US on Tuesday if both teams play like they have.

And now all of a sudden the US look like World Beaters…completely mopped up Costa Rica.

Head scratcher for sure.

Concacaf vs. Concacaf, that also helped the USNT look good. Let’s see if the USNT can beat a Conmebol side.

It was a good game though, good to see the US look creative and attack.

Done. Win Group A - Check. On to Ecuador!

Have my tickets for the semi-final.

Great turn around for the USNT since the slow and disjointed game against Colombia in the group stage.

Several players will be missing from the Semifinal round due to yellow card accumulation or red card suspension.

Hope you folks down in Houston show up and support our national team.


Oof …

Messi…he’s playing on some other higher level than everyone else. That free kick goal… Wow.

I couldn’t even be made about how terrible we looked because watching Argentina was like watching a soccer clinic. Glad I went despite the cost and the score.

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