Cotton Pickin Uniforms

So much for playing TxTech
If true, a really dumb move on our part.

So why don’t we just let them wear their white uniforms. This is the only team in the BIG12 that plays us.I don’t get this either.

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If such a big deal, they can iron a cotton patch onto their uniform. Wonder if we debut special uniforms for this game.

On a September day game in Texas?

[@Coogfans2ndAdmin you edited out the joke?]

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Very interesting. Is this a calculated thing yo cause a stir and ensure future game. I.e Create rivalry: “remember that time UH didn’t let us wear white?”

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I’d we curious to know why we refused. On the surface it seems like a silly decision that could provide TTU with extra motivation.

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Considering they could have selected Lamar game where it really wouldn’t have been an advantage of consequence it seems pretty clear that they more or less invented a Cotton game in recent past to gain another opportunity to wear all white in hot September despite it being a home game. If opponent says no you shame them publicly. Admire the attempt on their part and glad we stood our ground.


The “celebrate cotton” game has been going on for several years.

Considering last year our attendance was so low, the tech game didn’t boost it much.

So on one side them never playing us again because of this won’t affect attendance at future games.

On the flip side, the same people who say UT and aTm are afraid of playing us will now say the same about tech. The only school from the swc who has agreed to play us in recent memory.

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Tech has worn black and red for Celebration Cotton games before. Some fans are acting like we’re the first school that don’t let them wear all white for the game. Very convenient for Tech to ask us to let them wear white for a 3pm game. And please don’t tell me the temperature for this game is mid 80s because the color of uniforms were determined months ago, not this or last week.

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This is a mistake. Don’t give them an excuse not to play us. think we should accommodate the request. Load the red unis on a truck or plane tonight. Be the bigger than them. Let them wear white and make them black and blue by the 4th quarter.


^^^ this


forget tech…them and their fans need to quit whining


Most of the comments that article don’t blame us and look at it as pettiness on TTech’s side as well. This is silly

“It’s unfortunate and knowing the Red Raider Nation we’ll carry that into Jones AT&T Stadium on Saturday and welcome them with West Texas hospitality,” Hocutt said.

That infamous West Texas hospitality.

We’re not talking about fallen soldiers, or remembrance of a disaster…we’re talking about an agricultural product that’s being turned into a marketing ploy by their AD. Am I missing something?

They are still going to able to celebrate cotton, what a non issue

This is the kind of thing that makes the news in Lubbock. And I guarantee if this game got a 7pm time slot they’d be in black or red.
Nice to know lil UH can push the big boys around on huge things like uniform selection…pfft.

What this does tell me is that if we want to wear white to stay cool we might as well tell folks those are our home colors for all those 11 am starts in September


Don’t they know not to wear white after Labor day?