Cougar Baseball Season Ticket Renewal 2024 Season

Isn’t it baseball season ticket renewal time?
Anyone hear anything about this?
In previous years, renewals were done at this point.

They’re dumbing down the schedule. They’ll get back with you when Tarleton confirms the home and home.


So far, all that is confirmed are the College Classic and Big 12 matchups.
Todd is hard at work. He has all the SWAC, NEC, & Ivy League teams on speed-dial.


LOL…people are still buying season tickets to Cougar Baseball?

Or you could donate to the Dugout Club…

Talked to Whitting a bit yesterday and of course he is very upbeat about the coming year. Of course the first thing I asked him about was the pitching staff and recruiting.
He told me we have six really good pitchers and if they stay healthy unlike last year, he likes our chances of being really good.
On recruiting he said we are on the trail of some really good players and the future looks bright.
Of course we have some coach speak involved here, but I think the report is more optimistic than the last coupe of years…


Sorry Butch, but I just don’t buy his coach speak. Nothing has been the same ever since Coach Anderson left. He’s been saying those types of things the last 3 years with no follow through, and, with soft schedules.

However, I’ll be keeping an eye out as the season goes on. I dread the Minute Maid Classic and B12 play. A fan shouldn’t feel this way, but it is the way the program has made me.

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That’s why I said coach speak. Take it with a grain of salt.
Probably lots of factors concerning our downfall, but I still contend the Romero situation capped it all off.

Gosh, I forgot all about that. You’re right.

If he honestly thinks he has six pitchers that are Big12 ready then he must be smoking crack. And sadly, the pitching may be better than the hitting. Whitting is positive no matter what is going on. The truth is, though, that he isn’t really involved in the coaching aspect of the team. He leaves that to his assistants and spends his time working on kissing the donor’s asses!

Most of us felt openingly that he should have been gone two or three years ago, so obviously the powers that be didn’t care what we thought. I would have to believe that if he flops this year or gets embarrassed, he would be a strong candidate for departure.
But I have been saying that about Hughey for even longer…