Cougar Pride Live (current season preview)

Received email today about the Cougar Pride Live event (this season preview featuring CDH and CKS) set for August 18 at Lewis Jewelers in Webster. I was looking forward to this event, as I have in prior years, which were held in TDECU Club and on Friday night. Needless to say, I am disappointed and will not be able to attend because the event is (1) on a Thursday and (2) in Webster, not in TDECU Club. Anyone know why this season “kickoff” event was moved to a Thursday and not in TDECU Club? I know Lewis Jewelers are big supporters of U of H athletics.

No idea, but I know that Cindy Lewis is a proud sponsor of the throws up paw Cougar Dawls!


Every time the Cougar Dolls line up on the field, I hear that sponsor read. :laughing:


It’s a relationship. If she can get business out of it also then it makes sense for both UH and her


Is anyone going? How many people can they fit inside of a jewelry store?

I plan on going and since I sent in an RSVP for 2 I will let them worry about the rest.

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Did anyone make it to this?
With the traffic from the rain storm and the apartment fire across the street, I gave up and went home.

It was a great event and an even better crowd considering the monsoon that was blowing through outside.

  1. We are about a third of the way to our goal in the Rise Campaign which puts us around 50 mil.

  2. Season tickets are about 20K this season but not near where we expect it to climb soon.

  3. Pezman had his staff went through the unused seats at the Fertitta Center and identified about 600 purchased through brokers and released them back for season ticket sales.

  4. We currently have about a 1,000 request waiting list for season tickets.

  5. Sampson did request those who have purchased the gray seats behind the benches to get back to their seats or show up to the games.

  6. Spoke of the new transfer, Sadarius Bowser. Said he is a great kid and mentioned how excited he is to get his masters at Bauer Business. He told Bowser he also wanted him to be excited giving Chaney some bruises every day at practice.


Great stuff. Thanks for the summary!

I went and it was well done. The Lewis’ are generous supporters and sell UH jewelry. I bought some for the wife.

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Both coaches encouraged everybody to encourage others to buy season tix.

I called Brandon Evans at UH ticket office about donated season tix for charity. 2 season tix for $199 or 4 season tix for $320 on second level! Seats donated to first responders who have a 90% attendance rate (butts in seats).


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Pleasantly surprised if we are indeed at about 20,000 season tickets sold. That makes me believe that 25,000 to 28,000 season tickets would be a realistic goal for the first year in the Big XII.

I am ready to buy 2023 football and basketball season tickets now. Question is why are they not on sale already.