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All - I was able to view the CP Online Q&A today from 12:00~1:00. There is one again next Monday same time.

From CP Session today - Season ticket sales more than 22K, same number for OU game ticket allocation based on OU game cutoff date, our seats for OU game will be in various East side sections and will be allocated based on CP points, Texas Bowl ticket holders received first allocation, U of H has sold more than OU through ticket offices. No improvements at TDECU to concessions or facilities (water fountains, restrooms, etc.) are planned as of today. No Fan Appreciation Day this year. Season ticket packages to be mailed no later than mid-August. If you want to pick up in person call the ticket office to make arrangements. Tried to ask about the number of student tickets for the OU game and the session timed out.

I wish they could have filtered out all the repeat questions. Two of my questions didn’t make it through but it appeared other people got through more than once.

I agree on the repeat questions. It looked like it took almost 15 minutes for my questions to be answered from the time I submitted. They probably had a screener who just set the questions up for the 2 CP reps to reply.

Not sure why my questions got screened out then in favor of the repeats.

I have seen some comments from yesterdays chat and was shocked that some people really want paper tickets? Really? We want to be a big boy program and you want paper tickets? You know you can get your card framed for posterity as well right?

I think some people are more comfortable with the old systems sometimes. Also they may not understand how to transfer them electronically.

Working at a CPA firm, there are a bunch of clients (usually older) who still want paper returns instead of digital copies.

I tried to transfer some concert tickets electronically twice and had issues both times. One was with Ticketmaster so others might have similar issues that paper tickets wouldn’t have.

New record of 3,900 Cougar Pride members

If you want your questions answered during the next CP Online Q&A (July 25) I suggest we submit as early as possible during the 1 hour session. I submitted a question this past Monday at about 12:40 and it did not get answered.

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