Cougars: Build It, and They Will Come | Texas Sports Review

In recent years, the University of Houston has built great cathedrals to house its teams. They have been built for one reason: to test the promise of “If you build it, they will come.” UH’s path to its current position has been a rough trail to ride. After the breakup of the Southwest Conference, UH lost the powerful conference position needed to bankroll its programs and facilities. The school was faced with a great chicken or the egg conundrum: Could you build great programs with terrible subpar facilities, and then use the support from the program to finance newer facilities? Or did UH have to find a way to build the facilities first?


Thanks for sharing Patrick. I really like articles that point out despite the politics and adversity we have faced, we are overcoming it all. I think it’s a testimony of why our school was created in the first place, the blue-collar hard-working people of our city.


Great article. Go Coogs!

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