Cougars Mailbag: Does coaching change make sense?

What are the odds that (Major) Applewhite could be replaced by Kendal Briles after this season? — @Jwhaas1234

Zero chance. It’s only been two seasons, and factoring in his buyout, it just does not make sense for UH to make a knee-jerk reaction. I do believe the 2019 season will be pivotal for Applewhite, especially if the Cougars lose out the rest of this season.

Duarte dousing people with the bucket of reality. He usually has the pulse of what is going on at Cullen Blvd. Sounds like D’Onofrio is gone and Applewhite gets a 3rd year, like most of us suspected.


With the win last night, and the injury to King, I think it would be hard to jettison him now.

In the end, he met my expectations this year with the win last night; head into Memphis with a chance at the CCG. I think he deserves to be back.


I admit I am just as frustrated with CMA but to fire him after 2 seasons is folly. This team is 8-3. Win a win against Memphis and some help this team could be in the CCG.


Donofrio is done


Last night sealed Year 3 of CMA IMO, even with my Haterade glasses on he’s earned it. Got to hit a HR on the DC hire.


We’ll see how the rest of 2018 goes, but I feel like 2019 should be big evaluation year for CMA.

Agree, Major is 100% safe for 2019. Onofrio is gone.

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If we beat Memphis and get to 9-3…then there is NO WAY IN HELL Applewhite loses his job.


I WOULD can him…even if we go on to win a conference title.


If the Coogs go 9-3, that’s a good season. And, if they lost the CCG, and won a bowl game to end 10-4, what’s so bad about that? Now, if they end 8-5, I’d call that an underachievement. I don’t like to kick people when they’re down, but I think a new DC couldn’t do worse.

Major is not getting fired this year. I think like Duarte said next year could make or break his future its all on his plate to deliver. He needs to do a better job promoting the program too.