Cougars Meet #18 Cincinnati (L 65-47)

Cougars Meet #18 Cincinnati

Cougars tip off at 6 p.m. (CST), Thursday, inside Fifth Third Arena in Cincinnati

Game Preview: No. 18 Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Houston Cougars

With UC’s home defense playing like it is, the Cougars’ twoman show will not be enough to knock off the Bearcats. :angry:


I had to read that like 5 times to make sure they weren’t calling our team a “woman show.”

UC beat Houston 67-58 in the teams’ first meeting Jan. 7 at Houston, but the Gray-Dotson combo will be a handful.

“Damyean Dotson is as good a perimeter player as there is in our league,” Cronin said. “If they were to win their last two and make the NCAA Tournament, he would arguably be maybe the Player of the Year in our league. They’re playing really well, so they’re a concern. They can score.”

TICKET WATCH: UC athletic director Mike Bohn said Wednesday that ticket sales were “12,218 and counting” for Thursday’s game. Fifth Third Arena capacity is 13,176 but UC has topped that three times this season with the addition of new suites, part of the early stages of renovation.

Houston Cougars Rematch: Berg’s Scouting Report

Big game

Meyer picks up his 2nd foul 17:18 into the game

7-6 Cincy, 15:51 left

Galen playing well looking to score

15-14 Cincy with 11:43 left in the half.

Galen with 8 points so far.

Dotson struggling mightily so far.

Washington picks up his 2nd foul for Cincy.

Cincy now up 22-16 with 7:23 left. COOGS struggling to stay in this right now.

Cincy now up 29-18 with 4:44 left in the half.

7 turnovers and aren’t hitting shots; tough to win in Cincy like that.

Getting killed on the boards

We look tentative, we look lost, we look like we don’t belong right now.

COOGS need to play with some heart in the 2nd half.

Cincy leads 37-20 at half.

Except for a couple of games this year, Kyle Meyer has been a complete waste of playing time. How can a guy that big be that completely useless on offense, defense and on the boards??? Seriously, what exactly is the purpose of him getting any playing time unless we’re in foul trouble? I’d rather just go really small if there are no other bigs who can play.

We can’t go really small though, we don’t have the depth to do that either.

Meyer also barely played in the first half due to foul trouble; he’s not the reason we’re down this badly.

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We can’t beat decent teams (much less good ones) if we’re going to turn the ball over and not make 3s. 2 for 11 from 3 is pathetic and we’ve had some open looks. Also doesn’t help that we’re getting out-hustled all over the floor. You’re absolutely right @pray10, if we don’t come out with way more heart in the 2nd half, we may lose this one by 40+. Work has been exhausting this week, so I was really hoping this game would boost my spirits. Not looking like that’s going to be the case.