Cougars Open American Play at UCONN (W 62-46)

Cougars Open American Play

Face UConn at 2 p.m. (CST) Wednesday inside XL Center in Hartford, Conn.


36-12 Coogs at half. :astonished:

Huskies are 3-21 from the field.

15:38 left, Coogs lead 44-18. Gray is carving up the short-handed Huskies right now.

11:39 left, Coogs up 48-29

Listening to Jeremy Branham for the first time for an extended period of time. Enjoying the (what I hope is) un-biased comments.

Might be better than Matt Thomas…no disrespect.

Branham is fantastic. Been listening to him on baseball games for years; guy is just a professional announcer who knows how to do radio. He does seem to have an easier time alone though as his broadcasts at home with Elvin are still a bit of a work in progress as far as trying to get Elvin involved.

7:28 left, Coogs up 54-32.

3:47 left, 57-37 Coogs.

This is good.

Coogs win 62-46!!

Nice bounce back from the Harvard loss. Hopefully we can get Davis back for the Cincy game. Have USF next on Saturday; Bulls are losing everybody and their best player, McMurray is transferring out.

Gray had 20, Dotson and Chicken had 10

Big game tonight - Cincy at Temple at 7 pm.

Sampson post game:

  • After Harvard game, just talked about playing basketball
  • Liked how ball moved today, shot selection was outstanding
  • Learned from mistakes
  • This level isn’t streetball
  • Practiced Christmas Day
  • Man to man defense was very good
  • Going to give up 3s from time to time in zone
  • Played a very mature game
  • Feels sorry for Ollie with all the players out and no PG
  • Hoping to get Davis back soon
  • Not going to give us a whole lot of credit because UCONN was missing their PG. Kids did play hard and saw a lot of good things so we’ll take it.

Gray post game:

  • Shout out to our defense
  • Great win in a tough place to play. Kept crowd quiet.
  • On to the next one
  • Coaches said to hit them first as UCONN was hurting; don’t let them hit first
  • Had to take advantage of the injuries
  • Shot selves in foot with loss to Harvard. Need to win both games on the road as coach said.

Cinch wins at Temple 56-50. Really starting to look like a 3 team conference with Cincy, SMU, and us being those 3 teams.

I don’t think we’re in the SMU/Cincy or even Temple ranks yet…maybe Memphis.