Cougars vs TU Softball

Couldn’t quite come back against Horns. What intrigued me was the white or light pink uniforms with a weird Houston logo. Anyone else see this? And the color, gray? Where did these uni’s come from?

This is the pic with the game recap online, is this what you are talking about? Is it bad if I like them?

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So I was watching on the Horns network and yes they were the ones. I don’t know why but the tv made it look like a light pink. The Houston logo looked like the we buy ugly houses font on the helmets. Anyway, no red blue black or any real color? Wish I would have gotten a screen capture. Your pic looks a lot more white than the broadcast.

So I’m taking it we wore pink and lost to Texas?

Those unis are fire.

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Softball just got swept by USF. Didn’t score a single run the entire weekend. Drop to 24-26 on the year. Does Pez care at all?

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No he has bigger fish to worry about

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Lady Coogs swept the Aggies in a double header today. Walked it off in the 8th in game 2!!!


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