Cougars Win! Promotional Video from the 70s

A very interesting piece of Cougar history, as a current UH student this was quite a trip haha.
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For what it’s worth, the game highlighted at the end that the Coogs won was the 15-14 win over Georgia on November 4, 1967.

It’s the only time we ever played UGA in Houston. We’re 2-1-1 against the Dawgs.

I actually choked up watch it.
These type of videos always get to me.

Super cool video. That was about as “70’s” as it gets.

Loved this. Funny how the late 60s and early 70s era buildings don’t look so dated without modern buildings we have now right next to them.

That is awesome and a throwback highlight of my day…
Many Thanks !
Go Coogs !!!

The tie came at Georgia in the '60’s as the Bulldogs connected on a long field goal with time expired…

Man, my parents moved from Mexico to Houston around a couple of years before the video and I was born here. This was the Houston I grew up in…the up-and-coming city of the future. UH was part of the narrative. What a run from the time period of this video through the late 80s. Good times

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Many thanks BioCoog for posting
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