Could Kingsbury be the Texans' next OC?

Not sure if this has been posted, but I saw this online.

If he doesn’t get the Texans gig, maybe he can just come over here. :wink:

He’s already back from his trip to Thailand.

Posted already on the Demeco thread.

Would be interesting. I think he would use it as a stepping stone though. Probably to get another college HC gig


He said he has no desire to go back to college, wants no part of recruiting

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Despite what anyone says about Kliff, he’s had a hand in many pockets. Not only sent numerous QBs to the NFL, but also many of which became elite. Mahomes just to name one


Athletic - Bobby Slowick new OC.

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So Kliff didn’t get the job. Would you pay him $1m-$1.5m to just coach offense (not much recruiting) at UH with CDH? What about as an off the field analyst? I bet we would find the money. We can only dream.

No recruiting, no job. It is a significant part of any coach’s college job description.

Why pay KK a full time salary for part time work?

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I can see that, but he would be the best OC in the game. It’s worth considering, even though there’s no chance it will happen.

Kliff coming here is laughable. Hey, you once ran an nfl franchise, wanna drop down a bunch of levels and be an OC on a low tier new p5 program?

He has been an NFL head coach. He wasn’t good at it, but that is his last entry on his resume. Before that was OC at USC. Before that head coach at Tech. Before that OC at ATM. A legacy OC job, an SEC OC job and a head coaching gig.

If he was to go the college route there is way too much alabamageorgianotredame kind of money out there for him to come drive down Cullen and take a multi million dollar pay cut.

He will be in the nfl again soon.

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Bring back the Run and Shoot! Bring back John Jenkins Lol

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Tru dat! I would guess he will become an NFL OC and later on get another HC job. I watched a lot of the Cards play. I wouldn’t consider Kliff doing a bad job. Klyer Murray did not look very good. He would make an unreal play a game then he looked mediocre at best. Never met Kliff but seems like a good dude. Hope he gets another good pay day.

JJ is too one dimensional to be a head coach. I even think the Run & Shoot is outdated.

“I even think the Run & Shoot is outdated.” said the teams that lost to the undefeated XFL Houston Roughnecks in 2020…

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I’m a proponent of the R&S, but let’s not kid ourselves that was not IT.

I don’t know the R&S is outdated. Hawaii’s version looked totally different then what Jenkin’s ran. Remember the Colt’s used run n shoot routes when Manning was the QB. Would be cool to see what Jenkins could do now. IMO, Dana runs a terrible boring offense.

I am beginning to think that CDH will serve as Offensive Coordinator with Naghavi’s involvement.