Could this SMU game be another 1996 SoMiss?

SoMiss then, just like SMU now, came in to a conference game on our campus ranked in the Top 20 and a favorite.

And what happened?

Antowain Smith exploded for over 200 yards rushing and six TDs.

Perhaps McKaskill can be this year’s Antowain Smith!!!

This game seems to have a similar vibe!


We stuffed S.Miss in overtime at the goal line for the win. That was a fun night.


We are due for a 25 year anniversary repeat performance!!!

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It is nice to be 7 games in and have a big game.

This is a legitimate big game.


That team had Antowain Smith backed up by Kedrick Sanford running behind Ben Fricke, Wilbert Brown, and Marcus Spriggs. We compare poorly.

Antowain Smith didn’t arrive at UH as a true freshman. Not a fair comparison.

Wait until McCaskill’s Junior season, then we’ll compare.

Charles West returns punt for TD.

Marcus Jones will do the same this year.

Tune will connect with the TE for a big gainer at a critical time.

Alton will go BALLISTIC on ‘em.


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I was there. It was colder than a witch’s tit.

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