Covid and POTS

Research Confirms Link Between COVID-19 And POTS; Lesser Connection Between POTS, mRNA Vaccine

NBC News Share to FacebookShare to Twitter (12/12) reports research published Monday “has confirmed a link between a COVID infection and a debilitating heart condition called POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, that has been diagnosed in some patients with long COVID.” The findings “are in line with earlier reports from physicians that COVID may POTS, a disorder of the autonomic nervous system often characterized by a rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, fainting and lightheadedness.” Further, the syndrome “was also linked, to a lesser degree, to COVID vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, according to the new study.” The study Share to FacebookShare to Twitter was published in Nature Cardiovascular Research.

I remember some folks on here talking about rapid heart rates post covid so I thought I would post this.