Covid threads

As a reminder Covid threats really don’t belong on the satelite, all it leads to is insults, flags and fighting. So please refrain. Thank you.

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The insults, and tribal behavior were here long before COVID, and will be here long after. That’s the country we presently live in.

Fair observation; question is why so divided, where we can’t even agree
on what the facts are. I tend to believe it’s the alternate , opinion based
cable shows, that appear to be “news” channels, and the rise of social media on top of those cable shows.

No, it’s us. We all like to blame other things, but we never like to look in the mirror and admit our own prejudices and desires to remain in power.

The present demographic shifts which I believe led to the last several decades of tribal disputes has in reality been a constant element in our social order for centuries. We just have to admit to ourselves that those traits exist, and deal with it. However, self denial is difficult to overcome.

I didn’t touch the last one but noticed it was shut down right after the one guy who always comes into threads and posts straight political things that aren’t even related to the topic. Somehow this guy never gets suspended for doing it.

Okay, let’s go with what you say , that we’ve been tribal for centuries. The US has at least been
functional until the last few decades it seems IMHO. Why are we at breaking point now ? Or is that last assumption wrong; no worse then ever before…it’s always been semii-broken ? Also, could you elaborate on the demographic shifts more ? Not sure I understand precisely what you mean here (race, age, education level, etc…).

Okay, I’ll go with disfunctional. And I agree, the problem has gotten worse the past several decades.

As for the point of no return, I don’t believe that point has been reached, and I certainly hope it is never reached. If it is reached, that’s a civil war redux, in which case, this country will probably never recover.

As for shifting demographics and our historical pattern of prejudice, we don’t have enough space in this thread to go over that lecture. That’s a discussion better had over a scotch and cigar, with a dash of patience.

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LOL, you guys understand that you are making thinly veiled political posts (in fact everyone knows what you guys are doing).

You guys crack me up, very entertaining. This will go down as the first pinned administrative thread about political posts that gets locked. What happens when a locked thread gets locked?

An important correction from the new york times.

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Coog51 gets 2 weeks in coogfans jail house.

LOL yeah probably so.

what’s a covid hospitality? instead of infecting you, does it get you a tall glass of cold milk and a honey bun?

Oh yeah, make a big deal out of someone making a mistake about someone making a big deal out of someone making a mistake.

Oh good grief, the replies on this post proved the point.