CP NRG Ticket Allocation

If you have not read the email from Cougar Pride explaining the methodology used to allocate tickets in NRG, I’ll try to summarize. They put TDECU season ticket holders into groups based on the cost of the TDECU season ticket. Therefore, our Luxury boxes ranked the highest and the lowest ranked group was our general admission season ticket holders. Then within each group they ranked the CP members on cumulative CP points. I am in section 229 in TDECU which was in group 3. Section 129 was in group 2. So even if I had more CP points than a season ticket holder in 129 they were allocated NRG tickets before me.

I don’t know if I believe this or not. I know that’s what the email said but I’m in section 128 at TDECU and wound up being placed on row 4 on the 20 yard line. Crappy seats for what we pay.

I’m in 230, same but opposite end of field as 128, and got endzone/sideline seats. Are yours chair back? Mine are not.

One of my tail gate buds is in 229 in front of me. He has less CP points than me and wound up getting 3 on row B in an end zone sideline section.

My 2 cents. I do not like the fact these tickets were forced on us. I was going to the game, but would have preferred to buy my tickets online. Basically first come first served. Rarely are we happy when someone else picks our seat. They have many schemes for ticket allocations, rarely are they the same. I go to several away games every year and will do so again this year. The tickets I buy online are always better than seats allocated to the visiting team. I realize I have missed out on some point system along the way, but I support my coogs by being at the game.

We’re playing #3 OU to kick off the season in one of the biggest games of the opening weekend. Can we just be happy for that?


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