Cranes at tdecu

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LOL! Stop…You guys and your jokes. Nothing is ever known until it is released and sent to the press. Go Coogs!

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Could they be starting this early on the IPF?

Frankly I don’t know how to interpret this tweet.
Is this supposed to be funny?
Being left out of the P5’s since the mid/late 90’s is no laughing matter.
Does JD have some upcoming news he wants to share? Let’s bring it. I love humor but this is not the place.


They are filling in all of the patches on the home side where the tarps are, the skin will now be solid all the way around, they’ve been working on the home side for a few weeks now. They’re almost finished, using the cranes to reach the parts the cherry picker couldn’t.

Just make sure they aren’t installing any temporary bleachers for the Louisville game.

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Yep, here’s the facilities guy:

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