Craziest things so far

Hire Bob Stoops
Hire Holgersen
Darkest day in program history
Fire em all
Hire Briles
Hire Jenkins
Our national brand will never recover

Get a grip. Anyone that did not see this pummeling coming is delusional. Team is decimated by injuries and holdouts. As I said on another thread, we should not have accepted the bid.

Also, you cannot on the one hand complain about the complete lack of offensive gameplan, and simultaneously want to architect of that gameplan hired as HC.

Sucks to be on this end of a beatdown, but we have been on the other end lots of times

Life goes on, and it is unlikely that we will fire Major. He has some tough selling ahead of him to attract talented assistants.

You cannot fire someone after 8 win season and then complain about lack of loyalty when they skip out on you for a better paycheck. That is having it both ways.

I don’t know what is worse, the collective angst after a crappy end to a promising season, or the gnashing after a great season and we know our coach is getting poached.

Hard to be a Cougar. Quit whining


If he had any success he would already be at Tech so fire him.

Am I back on fans?

We have melted down so many times we are experts at it. Some folks on here will have us National Champions after our spring game. Just wait.

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Craziest thing was the quit displayed by the HC yesterday…bending over and making excuses rates right behind it

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Mediocrity just claimed another victim. Support your local Mediocrity Remediation Center. The next poster could be you.

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OK, so I always predict an undefeated season; at least I don’t get bent out of shape and irrational after we lose. One day I may be right on that.

There’s no excuse at ALL for getting beat 70-14 by Army. I don’t care how good they are or how many injuries we had! When a triple option team scores 70 on you it’s a disgrace ( no offense to army). I played against some triple option teams back in my high school years and a triple option team shouldn’t score more than about 35-42 points


One more thing. People have the right to be Pissed at cma after he QUIT on the team yesterday and punted from the Army 35


It wasn’t just the quirky play-calling. It’s not having the team ready technically or emotionally week after week. How many games were we behind in this year?

I will give you this…we should not have accepted this bowl game invite.

Can’t blame it all on injuries though. Major’s coordinator hires have been disastrous, and that is being generous. Those decisions came to roost in this game. No DC to an OC with huge baggage issues who signs an extension, then signs off with another school a week later, calling plays in the game. On top of all the previous mistakes from last year.

We are not an entitled fan base for freaking out over a 70pt rout after an 8 win season. This is 8 wins trending the wrong direction. Time to cut bait

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Colgate held Army to 28. Let that sink in.

Not accepting a bowl game is something only Notre Dame can get away with. It would hurt the program almost as much as loss like this. Trust me texas or Aggie would never ever decline a bowl invite.

Colgate is better than team that gave us one our worst beatings ever?!?!?!!?!
That is kick in our collective crotch! I have been saying all year we were a team that is not that good in a crap conference and took some shots for it. To think the reality is even worse than I thought is even hard for me to swallow.

It was the 30 yard line, we don’t want to give him too much credit.

My bad :joy: good point

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No worries, you’re trying to be optimistic :wink:

Colgate used all their fluoride to minimize the cavities in the DL

Yep, my ole friend had us going 11 - 0 pre-season the year Dismal went 0 - 11 (2001) the infamous 9-11 year


It would seem that all the quiet from the Cullen front … that Opie will be given another year to make things right … which means he will be starting all over again OC and DC -wise and supporting assistants … facing a meat grinder to start the season … OU and a Mike Leach lead team …


the outlook does not look hopeful for a third but critical year … but I hope I am wrong … besides, add to this …

who in their right mind knowing these to be the hard facts would give up their current successful position to come here to a “do or die” program for a HC in possibly his last year …

The last souls of the Alamo … the Battan and Corregidor holdouts … Titanic passengers … USS Arizona crewmen … had better odds of surviving …

If Opie could only clone Knute Rockne for OC and Vince Lombardi for DC … then maybe … otherwise

hey two of those Battan/Corregidor holdouts sailed a boat to Australia and one of them then went to Europe to fly planes over there. So it is not totally hopeless just almost.