Crazy fact

There are 363 D1 basketball schools. As of today, 13 have 4 or fewer losses. This obviously includes our Coogs. So there are 12 other teams;

Purdue, FAU, Bama, Arizona, Charleston, Louisiana, Southern Miss, UCLA, St Mary’s, UCSB, Oral Roberts, and Virginia.

We’ve played 25% of them and none due to conference affiliation. Kudos for that non conference schedule!


Good stat…we’ve actually played four of them- UVA, ORU, Bama, and St. Mary’s.

This is a really good team- can’t wait for the NCAAs.


@HWSCoog, I give you an A+ for doing your homework.


Will done on this stat.


Will only get love from Seth Davis if we play a Big Tren team

The Saint Marys game was announced late in the summer of 2022. Around August.

Before that news, it was just Oregon, Alabama and Virginia. I was worried one of those teams would lay an egg this yr. Oregon has. But at least, that was a road game. So still Quad 1

Saint Marys has been better than expected. And Oral Roberts after a bit disappointing year last year. Has been really good this yr with the Arkansas transfer Vanover

Schedule turned out to be solid.

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Looking at our non conference. There’s 3 teams that haven’t lived up to expectations

*Northern Colorado, Texas Southern and Oregon

No. Colorado is 8-16 overall. 3-9 in conference. Were supposed to be at the top of their league

Texas Southern is 4-7 in the SWAC. After making the tournament the last 2 seasons

Also remember Kent State only has 5 losses and was one of our original OOC games scheduled!


Yah that Saint Mary’s add looked good at the time but turned out to be even more clutch than a lot of us realized.


We played 6 teams out of conference that are top 60 in KP and Net.

Alabama, Saint Mary’s, Virginia, ORU, Oregon, and Kent State. Impressive.

And we are 5-1 in those 6 games. Very impressive.


I also said we would have a top 75 schedule. A solid schedule.

And people laughed and laughed and laughed. We are at 80 right now. Of our last 6 games, we play 3 stinkers. And 3 top 100 games. Let’s see if that SOS gets up to 75 or falls closer to 90.