Cricket and Flag Football in the 2028 Olympics?


Why is only six-man lacrosse being considered?

In my view, the standard version should be played. People don’t play six-man soccer in the Olympics, do they?

Hey listen, I know there’s Rugby Sevens, but I see no need to do the same for lacrosse.

Olympic flag football is weird.

What’s next, Olympic foosball?


Intergender olympic sports in 5…4…3…

Id honestly rather watch disc golf

My big question about cricket is whether a) the Afghanistan team, often in the T20 world cup, competes, and if so then b) will they march in under the previous Afghanistan flag, or under the Taliban flag?

We have Olympic breakdancing coming in the next Olympics.

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is are they going to allow men to compete against women in women’s sports.

What’s next…frisbee golf?

Hell 2 the YEAH!!!

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