Cross Country - Magness?

No coaches are listed on the Men’s or Women’s Cross Country pages on the UH website. Heard a rumour that a new coach is in place.

Yes. Coach Magness has left.

He was loved by the members on cross country team. From what I heard from one of the athletes on the track team, he wasn’t able to give the 100% of his attention/effort to the program that he wanted so he decided to change directions and focus on family and other areas. I think I was a positive parting of the ways. At least that was the impression I got.

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They just hired a coach a few days ago. Announcement should come soon. Peggy is right as well, as much as I like Magness (have two of his books), he wasn’t all in with the squad. He helped in the process of getting the new coach. Could be an upgrade for our program if the new coach is 100% focused on the team. The biggest issue we have is our head coach was making $45k, I heard they bumped it up to $50k for the new coach. Hard to get top of the line coaches who aren’t doing other things (books, pro training, etc) with that little money.

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Thanks for the replies. I wish all the best to Steve. I won’t spoil the announcement either, but I’m pretty sure that I know who has been hired.

Hi Fortworth and others.

So I heard from one of the kids on the cross country team that the new coach has been in touch with the athletes. Apparently, he has been connecting with the kids and talking to them on the phone. He sounds serious and ambitious! That’s great! I just hope he’s kind amd firm.



Here is the official announcement. Looks like a great hire!


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