Crow Time

I have been really quiet since CMA’s hire.
I listened to constant criticism for every little thing that has gone wrong, and it was all his fault. Time for a lot of you to eat crow.
This team is getting better by the week. The coaching is obvious, and the players believe in the system. The defense has done a 180, and the offense is a juggernaut. For those who are still whining about the UT defensive coordinator, get over it. Move on, he did.
Herman recruited to the best player available, and lived for the moment. It left holes in our roster, and our development. CMA’s recruitment has us playing for a big season, and a great future. I close this short topic with this. Coach Applewhite gave an interview just before the Peach Bowl. If you want to know the character of the man, give it a listen. He talked about coaches that leave their teams hunting for a great job. He said that was wrong, these young men deserve our respect and our loyalty. CMA is doing great things for our football team and our university. He has my respect, and my total support.
Go Coogs.



Link to the interview?

For me personally, I will not be sold on Applewhite until I see who he hires as OC when Briles leaves, and who he hires as DC when D’Onofrio’s contract expires.

In my gut I think he is a C level coach. Seeing as 2019 is the last chance for a National Championship for a while, it pains me to know our HC and DC are average at best.


its only his second year lol


Exactly. There is a no crow to be eaten yet. Briles is the reason for his success. I need to see what he can do without him.


Briles and Deriq King

CMA was OC when we went to the peach bowl in 2015 with Greg Ward

What he did as an OC in 2015 with a solid o-line was good. In 2016 with injuries to the o-line and Greg Ward he had a rough time. I don’t blame him for that.

But what he did as an OC has no bearing on if he can lead the program as the HC. He hired 2 bad coaches to start out. Then he hired 2 men that were on the Baylor staff during one of the biggest scandals in CFB history. We have one of the worst defenses in the country. The jury is still out.

I’m rooting for him. After the 2019-2020 season Briles and Clements will be hired by a Blue blood and we will see what Applewhite can do with his own recruits and a redo at hiring coordinators.


I see what you are saying, but at the end of the day we are still a G5 program. Briles or no Briles, we aren’t 7-1 without D’Eriq King. We can’t expect every cordinator to be top-of-the-line everytime we get poached

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I 100% agree with this. Honestly, I have no right to complain. I am one of the biggest advocates for restrictive buyout terms because I cannot tolerate the way coaches treat my beloved university. Average coaches that blue bloods do not want to hire is what that leads too.

Sustained success, consecutive solid recruiting classes, building up a program, not a revolving door at the HC position. Im in favor of all of that.

Downside is in big games against big time opponents me may get outcoached.

He hasn’t won anything yet, not a division, not a conference and not a bowl game. If Briles weren’t brought in I’d like to see how things would look around here. Let’s see how this season ends up. I’ll gladly eat my crow if we win the AAC.

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One could say CMA gets out coached for 2 qtrs of every game. How will that pan out if our division ever has a strong year?

One could say the sky is not blue enough. One can always find something not to like.

One could also say 7-1 an enjoy what the kids are doing.


He hired one bad coach. If you still don’t like D’Nofrio your just not paying attention. He’s getting results with a less than usual defensive backfield. In fact, due to the coaches they are starting to look good. Tackling has improved. Coverage has improved.
Getting better each week is the mark of a good coach.


And we have 47 pass break-ups. That leads all of FBS. We’re getting better. If we can get rid of the one or two coverage busts we seem to have each game, our ppg will decline as well.


I believe all of our coaches deserve praise at this point of the season instead of criticism. Our recruiting will skyrocket if we win the AAC. Applewhite has recruiting connections and contacts.

Few head coaches get it right the first time around. CMA is learning and has improved from last year. Selecting a good staff is part of the equation. UH has a good staff.

UH has a history of recruiting good QBs and King is another in that long list. He chose UH, even though he reminds me of a OU style QB. There will be others like him in the future. Two years ago we were praising Greg Ward. Before him, Case Keenum. Before him, Kevin Kolb.

Before long, UH won’t have to recruit. Players will be contacting UH to play here. A lot of excitement awaits us in the coming years.


Well, finally you showed up for dinner… Hold my bbq crow until the season is over…I have to view a few more games. Need some cranberry sauce and dressing for that crow… Please with some Dr pepper…Is it too late to ask for blueberry pie!

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There are those that are just too stubborn to admit they have been wrong and still cling to their desire to be right about our coaches.

Citing examples of “we wouldn’t be good without so and so” indicate a mentality that does not seem to understand that football is a team effort. That individual would not be good without getting the coaching and team support. The results you see from Oliver or King would not be as impressive if they were the only two on the field or did not get coaching that helped them improve.

Sure naysayers, don’t eat the crow that you deserve. Come to the games and enjoy the wins your way, with criticism and suggestions that wouldn’t get you a job coaching your sons peewee league team.

Everyone has a point of view, I get that. Freedom of speech is a great thing. But if you cant bring something helpful to something that so many others are enjoying then please go sit somewhere else.


Don’t tell people they don’t have the right to complain…everyone has and that is what fans do. People want results, not excuses. Overcomplaining, maybe too much. But the OP waiting don’t mean he didn’t complain at all…or that he wasn’t upset at some of the plays…there is no crow to eat!

I find it interesting that people are constantly talking about how our coaching staff is “out coached,” but no one ever supplies a specific example.