Crowd a star tonight

Crowd making a huge difference. The noise is insane and affecting the cards. NICE!


Crowd looks great and announcers commented how quiet it gets when we’re on offense. Best half ever? Reminds me of the second half of UH vs UT in 1987. UT wasn’t ranked but that was an amazing half as well…60-40 win.


How many false starts? I know it was the most I’ve ever seen.

7 False Starts, 3 Holds, 11 sacks…just a complete meltdown by their O-Line


That was the most electric excited crowd I have ever seen for UH… for the whole game. Also, how it got church mouse quiet when we were on O.

Just an incredible big time crowd.


The 12Th Man was amazing-

The fans came out and gave Gward and the winningest group of senior a befitting send off.
We roared and the defense fed off of it. Amazing day at the deck

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I got tears in my eyes when the students rushed the field.


I was hosting a sponsor of coogfans last night. One a UT guy and the other aggy. They were shocked how loud it was last night. They are very happy to be doing business with us. The CEO said UH is a gold mine.


The best false start was when the Louisville O-lineman fell backwards onto to his butt.


Does someone have an explanation as to why it was as loud as stadiums with +50K? It was like a packed NRG. Is it that the field is sunk in? :thinking:

I think that the angle of the rake of the stands plays a big part in it. I remember when War Memorial stadium in Little Rock wa8 always being considered for their noise even though it didn’t hold much over 40-45k.

Petrino said as much. He said it was loud and it did affect them

A friend of mine who was at the game told me the stadium was half full. I told her you have 30 mins to go find the other half! Apparently she did. lol

This is Houston. Have you ever known this city to get anywhere on time?


:joy::joy::joy::joy: i missed this! 28:57

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It was looking pretty sparse at the beginning of the game, but that was 100% on TDECU staff. I tried to get in the Icon gate on the Cullen side like I always do, and there were a few thousand people there. This was at 6:15. I stood in line for a good 15-20 minutes and it never moved. They weren’t even opening the gates. The best I could determine was they were monitoring the number of students they let in, but it was holding EVERYONE up. I finally gave up and walked around to the Scott side and entered there. I can attest that tons of people were trying to get in their seats early, but TDECU messed their pants once again. They have got to get this figured out.


Scott street was more of a problem than getting in the stadium. I sat there from 6pm to 6:45pm to travel 400 yards. I got to my seat 2 minutes before kick off.


Never take Scott! I like to exit Scott, go through the light and stay on the feeder then turn onto Elgin and park in the Green lot. Never any problems.

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