CTH 'discussed' Baylor openeing

Just another negative recruiting tactic. Trying to put doubts in the minds of commits and prospective commits.

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WACO - We Ain’t Coming Out [of this alive]

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Like the Pirate to Houston…

CTH isn’t entertaining offers from anyone else, per CTH. However, that doesn’t mean a ton of folks haven’t contacted his agent to inquire about his possible interest (that’s what agents are) for or that offers haven’t been made. I’m sure this will continue as long as his star is on the rise which will be for a long time. If you think Yeoman wasn’t courted by other schools during his tenure, you would be wrong. However, merely being asked doesn’t indicate mutual interest.

Coach Tom Levine

I was listening to SiriusXM and on their “Full Ride” show the host (think it was Chris Childers) was talking about these rumors and basically said “Why the hell would Tom Herman want to go to Baylor?” He brought up the fact that if he wanted to he could have gone to South Carolina last year but supposedly was scared away because of their loss to Citadel. He went on to say that if Herman was scared of that then he should be even more scared of the situation at Baylor. That one loss is something that can easily be fixed at South Carolina. He said yes he knows that Baylor has put in work to make sure this doesn’t happen again at Baylor but it still is a bigger mess than what he would have walked into at South Carolina.

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