CTH 'discussed' Baylor openeing

I knew we would see it sooner or later, so here it begins.

Congrats to these unknown guys for their successful clickbait.

LOL! There’s nothing about this article that isn’t completely ridiculous.

total BS, I guess you have to put “face-to-face” to make your article sounds legit, similar to our local guy Blopez

It would be pretty hard core if CTH sat down face-to-face with Baylor just to tell them “Absolutely not!”

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Two Different Reports: Baylor Met with Tom Herman


I am sure that MR and CTH were in the same room at some point when CTH was hired at UH, is there a statute of limitations on how long ago a meeting can have occurred for it to be referenced in an article written today?


It really is stupid that people are reporting this nonsense.

I’m having a sh*tty day at work and the last thing I need is to read this clickbait crap making me think CTH wants to jump ship. UGH

Baylor hires Grobe because they want a high character guy(read: no good coach with other choices would walk into that sinking ship). And during that same period before all of the investigations( legal and otherwise)have concluded with subsequent sanctions and consequences-------now some of the best coaches in the country are suddenly interested in the job? Who would believe this?

The same coach that turned down South Carolina is now interested in throwing his career into a dumpster fire?

Lies lies lies

I haven’t read the article but from what we know of Tom Herman based on the culture he put in place here, he wouldn’t touch the Baylor job with a 10 foot pole. Houston is where he wants to be. Could he consider other options after the season? Well, let’s just get through this season first.

and this is what I am waiting for: http://www.chron.com/sports/cougars/article/UH-s-Tom-Herman-shoots-down-reports-of-meeting-8378497.php

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WTOWN (Waco) TAKEOVER :grin:

Just thinking if both reporters have the same source, their confirmarion is meaningless. However, if there was a discussion, I bet it went like in the movie Tombstone when Wyatt Earp meets the mayor:
Wyatt, this is Mayor Clum and his wife.
CLUM: Your reputation precedes you. I wonder -
WYATT: Not a prayer. Nice meetin’ you.


My hope is that he keeps a great distance from this matter, and that he doesn’t consider it at all. CTH appears to be a very decent man. As a coach of a program with a stain such as Baylor has, over time that stain would begin to affect the new coach. One wouldn’t want one’s reputation to be associated in anyway with these matters. Although it’s my fervent hope that he remains at UH throughout his career, if he continues to push UH forward, better and more prestigious offers than Baylor will come his way.

Awww guys, you know Coach Tom Levine is a UH lyfer. Stop with the weak sauces. Rumors will just rumor.

I am sure that was a joke, but I don’t get it…

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What joke ?

That’s WACKO take over.

Well I suspect its true … to a point


According to another article … somewhere … on this board …

Rhoades is obviously fishing for a HC and is starting with CTH or specifically his agent since he knows him and his phone number.

Drayton has the $$dinero$$ so MR isn’t fishing in some pond looking for guppies.

I suspect he has probably contacted CTH’s agent and probably told … thanks but no thanks … this of course has been passed on to the WACKO media and blown up to a Cecil B. DeMille cast of thousands production

But will turn into an Independence Day part deux … flop …

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