Curious about an event long, long ago . . . .

My memory is not good any longer, but I seem to recall, a game played in the Domed Stadium. Houston was on it’s own 1 yard line, the base veer was run, and a receiver was running free down the right sideline. The q-back passed the ball, and somewhere around the 40 yard line, the ball hit the receiver in the back of the head. A completion would have upped the NCAA record of 99 yard TD passes by one. Do we still hold the record and does anyone remember the helmet hit play ? ? ? ? ?

I have an NCAA record book that is about ten years old. At that printing there were nine 99 yard TD passes in NCAA Div 1 history. Houston had 3 of those nine – all under Bill Yeoman and the Veer. They are:
Warren McVea from Bo Burris against Washington State 9/23/1966
Robert Ford from Terry Peel against Syracuse 9/19/1970
Robert Ford from Terry Peel against San Diego State 10/14/1972

BTW, 99 yards is the most you can get on a play from scrimmage, so you can’t up the 99 yard record.


Per 2017 record book, there are now 20 99 yard passes. Quick glance looks like UH is still the only school with more than one