Current Roster

Looking at the current roster, I see we have 12 players on BB schollys ( I trust that Grant is still on a scholly).

We have 2 walk ons, Broodo and Van Beck’s brother.

Am I correct ?

Right. Here’s my current info:



missing st louis on the non-con

alley is technically a freshmen
but everything else is on point


By the way, here’s a comparison of the last 18 years, broken down by coach. (I don’t have the info for Drexler and Brooks, but I am sure those seasons would resemble the McCallum/Dickey era using the same metrics.)

You’ll note that Sampson’s 3rd year eclipsed all the other seasons on the list in each category, as did his 4th year.


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The current roster indicated that Goesling is a RS Jr.

That surprised me as I thought he only had a year left.

Gotta be a misprint, because when you read his bio he has been in college 4 years and played 3.

Some of your info is wrong.

So Grant is back…good.

current roster is announced

Is the younger Van Beck on scholarship?

Landon Goesling has two years to play. He’s a rs jr.

That is what the roster indicates. The HC story when he signed said he had one year left. Thus the confusion.

Actually do not know, but I doubt it. If not, maybe he can earn a scholly lke his brother did.

he has definitely played 3 full years…he should only have one year

the mix up might be that he can redshirt if he wanted (maybe) his redshirt year was a medical redshirt…

the only way he might have 2 year is if you automatically get a “6th year” no matter what happens in a medical redshirt, and honestly that makes no sense
… if you played 3 season w/out redshirting, get injured before the start of your senior season and get a medical redshirt, that doesnt mean you should get 2 senior seasons…thats the only way he has 2

Does it have anything to do with him being Division II and moving back to I?

They’re listing Broodo as a Center. Interesting. He’s only 6-7 but according to the strength coach he’s really bulked up. YOu could see it happening last year.