Currently...What are your favorite restaurants in Houston and surrounding area

Longhorn…not fancy but…For the money…you won’t find a better Rib Eye Steak…Order the bone in Cowboy!

Mostly hit Uncle Tillman’s portfolio, Demeris and EL Tiempo. Really miss Lucky’s in EADO.
Hit Pipers BBQ and that was great still looking for something closer that’s worth eating

Depends on what I want:

Pizza? Pink’s, Mellow Mushroom, or Star
Comfort Food? Treebeard’s
Chicken Fried Steak? Killen’s, Mel’s, Goodson’s, or Willie’s
Fried Mushrooms? Willie’s
Queso? Pappasitos or Los Caporales (249)
Fajitas? Pappasitos. ( Sorry, Lupe’s I don’t like the lime flavor)
Italian? D’Amicos (Rice Village), Antonio’s (Deer Park) or Adriatic Cafe
BBQ? Corkscrew or Tejas (admittedly, I don’t sample many since I prefer to cook my own ribs / briskets)

I miss the old Red Onion and their pineapple salsa for something different.



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The woman working at the hotel in Cincy was telling me about the Turkey Leg Hut, which I hadn’t heard of before, and the Breakfast Club which, I agreed, normally had a line around the block.

Pretty sure Turkey Leg Hut cane around after I left Houston in January of 2018… I miss Houston!

When I can afford it I love Eddie V’s

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Steak - Chama Gaucha Westheimer and it’s not even close

Pizza - Luna pizza in Heights

BBQ - Pipers for some reason closed but i think them and Killens were pretty close

Sushi - Oishii and it’s not even close. I’ve been to Uchi and Kata but Oishii is my favorite (Richmond)

Chinese - Fufus. For Viet i like com tam thuan kieu on Bellaire, pho Ben and Cali Sandwhich.

Seafood - Connie’s seafood on airline and Mambos pretty generic

Mexican - i liked El Charro #3 for shrimp and fajita Gorditas but haven’t been there in 10 years

Italian - Mia Bella, Italianos

Haven’t found a burger place I love just like

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Hugo’s has the best plant based menu in town, IMHO.

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Fadi’s Meyerland is better than the other versions.

Luling because I like the bartender

BB’s but of course

Eduardo’s for Mexican

Fung’s for Chinese

I haven’t gone to a steakhouse in 40 years.



Steak: Steak 48 and it ain’t even close
Seafood: 1751
Mexican: Superica
Sushi: Uchi or MF
Italian: Rosalie or Giacomo’s
BBQ: Truth (Pinkerton’s a close second)
Deli: Ploughman’s
Something Different: Cafe Adel (Bosnian food)

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Nielsens Deli
Ragin Cajun
Luling Bbq

All on Richmond just inside the West loop

Mayo homemade is way better than the stuff in a jar

You’re probably right but I won’t do any taste testing to be sure.

That said, I’ve grown to tolerate mayo when necessary. I think it’s fine (and almost complimentary) on a banh mi or a po boy as long as they don’t go overboard. Definitely don’t need 1/4" - 1/2" coat of mayo on anything. I cringe at what Subway “sandwich artists” consider a “little mayo” on my wife’s sandwiches.

Anyhow…guiding this back to the original topic, the wife and I had a nice meal at Davis Street at Hermann Park. It’s on the ground floor of the condo towers on Almeda at MacGregor, across the street from Hermann Park golf course parking lot.

It’s run by Chef Holley, if anyone was familiar with Holley’s restaurant in Midtown. Pretty much the same menu as the old Holley’s. Lots of good seafood, good drinks, really enjoyed ourselves there.

Holley is a solid chef

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Pappas Seafood in Humble…we always eat there on the way to Coogs games.

Papas seafood…Absolute best

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My favorite will always be Monument Inn. Always thought T-Bone Toms had the best chicken fried steak until I tried it at Monument Inn and it’s all I ever get there now.

Married to a (rabid Coog fan) foodie:

Pappas filet mignon (Pittsburg please) - best steak on the planet (and since we’re going all in on cholesterol, hand made onion rings)
Lot of good seafood in Houston. The Palm downtown has an excellent sea bass (broiled, skip the sauce)
Brennan’s, just about anything especially lobster bisque and bread pudding
Kanomwon aka Telephone Thai (currently “temporarily closed” :frowning: ). S1 and H6. Honorable mention: Vieng Thai panang
Star Pizza (joe deep dish whole wheat) - enough garlic to kill 10 vampires For a foodie city, we don’t make pizza well at all. For an unusual, but tasty variant - palazzos anistasia pizza
Tree beards red beans (I have their recipe) and corn bread
Liberty kitchen gumbo
Bellaire broiler burger RIP
I’m a central TX BBQ snob and haven’t tried the newish places mentioned by others. Tried a place called Feges on long point recently. Brisket was nicely done
Eddie Vs calamari
Need to find a good Mexican place closer in. Lopez is too far
Huynh Vietnamese
Teppay sushi

Always looking for a good new place!