Cut block on Big Ed

When I went to coaching school this summer I attended a presentation on the cut blocking rules. The first video clip they showed was Big Ed being blind sided by a cut block from a wing back against Memphis. It was brutal. I hate players sitting out bowl games but I think Ed is subject to so many nefarious, illegal blocks that I can’t get too upset.


The best thing Ed can do for the university, and himself, is sit out and get drafted in the top 10 of the NFL draft. Ed gets his money and doesn’t get cut block into UDFA status and UH gets loads of recruiting clout.


This won’t be a popular opinion but I wish Ed was more like Jalen Hurts. A team player that does what’s best for the team. No hate, I just admire the way Jalen stuck with his team. Maybe that’s the kind of player we need.

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Totally different scenario. Jalen isn’t risking millions of dollars by playing in a bowl game that doesn’t mean much. If we (UH) were playing in the AAC champ game with huge implications, Ed would be playing. No doubt.


Apples and oranges.


It’s not the nature of the bowl game it’s being there when the team needs you. It means playing hurt and yes Jalen has a future in the NFL. He was hurt but he is playing. He just had ankle surgery a month ago. He isn’t a first round draft choice or probably even a high round draft pick if he is drafted at all (like Case) but (like Case) he will play in the NFL. Maybe not for millions but it will be his living, like most of us and he is reping his team. Our rep, not so much. Like I said, it’s a choice. I admire one players choice and not the other. No hate, just prefer a man that puts others ahead of himself. If some posters here feel differently and like the guy who puts himself first, good for you! I prefer a Coog with higher standards.

Too bad the AAC refs didn’t go to school to learn those rules.


More like Apples and sushi.


Funny you should say that… I wish Hurts was more like Ed and put on for his city. He could’ve stayed in Houston and played QB at UH but he chose the safe route and played for BAMA.

That’s the point… Ed already put in his work on Cullen.


Big Ed absolutely should NOT be playing in our bowl game much less against an option running team. Also, like others have said before - cut blocking should be a 15 yard personal foul and then the second one you are ejected (just like targeting).


Except Ed quit work and went home early…

I have to disagree and say that whoever is guilty of cut-blocking should be immediately ejected and plus has to face another one game suspension! Cut-blocking is even more dirty and wicked because the person who cut-blocks does it intentionally, every time!

Unlike targeting, which the perpetrater could do it by accident since players are moving and the victim could also be the one to cause it to happen as well due to his lowering of his head or moving into the blow. In order to cut-block someone you have to intentionally go after his knees, especially when you know he is pre-occupied by a block from an o-lineman and he isn’t aware of you coming low for his knees!


He literally can make only one read. That’s what got him passed up.The NFL is a long shot for him. Heck at this stage Kyle Allen is better than Hurts.

We shall see.