Cutting the cord. What’s best service?

Tired of paying astronomical prices for a crappy product. What’s the best service available? YouTube, Fubo, Sling, Hulu, Philo?

I’m a big fan of YoutubeTv, but prices keep going up.


Thanks, Daniel. I’m leaning to YouTube. Anyone else have any suggestions or information. I’m switching this week.

I use Fubo because that’s the only one that carries the Astros network. The downside is that it doesn’t carry the Turner networks.

Edit: Space City Sports is also on DirectTV Stream

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I echo exactly what Daniel said. I specifically picked YouTube tv because it let me pick a sports oriented package. I have never missed a Coogs broadcast game since I signed up. (Obviously YouTube tv won’t include ESPN+) I have ESPN, ESPN 2, sec network, acc network, ESPN u, ESPN news, fs1, fs2, nba tv, NFL network, big 10 network, and cbs sports network. Also all the major networks you’d find on any typical cable package. They advertise unlimited Dvr, which is true but some stuff will expire after a while. Also you can watch up to four games at once when the college seasons are under way. Let me know if you have any questions.