CWF’s coaching staff

Please explain !

Gotta have guys that can flat out recruit and coach. Besides Shorts we didn’t have any get major recruits.


I’ll let the coach decide who he thinks is best for the job.


You do that. These are fans on a message board just talking. No big deal.


I do not know if it is true. I saw this either on our board or on a Tulane message board.

Art Briles as OC?

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I apologize to you Wolf, as I did indeed get you mixed up with someone else.

Tyron got screwed over royally and it was CoachV I believe that said Dana did not even have the balls to fire him as he passed it off.

Once again, I apologize to you sir.


My issue there is he is a Dana loyalist from WVU days

Might be best for both to move on imho


Keep Early. He’s an excellent coach. He’s sent a DL early in the draft practically every year and has developed a strong reputation for that, and he’s loved by his players, some of whom may not be around if he isn’t. Shorts is pretty much in the same boat—very close to guys like Golden and Wilson and others.



Brennan Marion, UNLV -

AJ Milwee, Texas -

Have any of these assistants recruited kids that jumped off the charts and became really good?

We’ve done well with RB’s the last couple of years

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Myself, I want everybody associated with CDH gone. The assistants have experience- experience at being mediocre. No thanks.


Baby Briles maybe. Artie no.

Set 4 Wes Fritz coming to run player development for his father.
UH players know & like him from recruiting.

Amen Butch from the first graduating class.

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Naghavi is a virtual lock to stay on as RGC/OL coach. Based on the feedback from the fan base and players, and the fact that Fritz’s d-line coach at Tulane was only in year 1 with him, I fully expect Fritz to try and retain Brian Early. Meekins and Shorts are the other two guys I think that have a shot to be retained. Below is my post from last week re: Fritz’s potential staff.

Starting with Willie Fritz, he had a lot of staff turnover after last year, but still has a few key guys that have been with him for a while:
AHC/OC/QB Slade Nagle 8 years with Fritz at Tulane, 7 as TE coach
WR Derrick Sherman 4 years at Tulane (WR/RB/OffAn) 5 total with Fritz
DB Joshua Christian-Young 4 years at Tulane (8 years with Fritz, 6 as coach, 2 as player)
Director of Player Personnel Wes Fritz 8 years (son)
Associate AD Football Ops Shane Meyer 16 years with Fritz
Director of Player Development Donn Landholm 12 years with Fritz
Also, Oregon co-DC Chris Hampton spent 6 years with Fritz at Tulane, and may have an interest in rejoining him at Houston if he is given a sole DC title and playcalling responsibilities.




Is Fritz keeping Belk?

Do I have this right? Naghavi quit on Fritz to go to work for Dana (of all people) and now Fritz wants him back?

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