Cy-Lakes vs Bridgeland

UH Commit Sofian Massoud is playing at qb for Cy-Lakes and is 14th in the state in passing yards.

Bridgeland has a highly recruited class of 2021 receiver in Dylan Goffney. Maybe the staff will offer him too.

Should be an offensive shootout. Winner of tonight’s game goes to the playoffs.


I this game at the Berry Center?

Our son is in Bridgeland’s band. This is the first I’ve heard about the winner making the playoffs. I know it’s a tight race though.


If Lakes wins tonight, they would clinch even if Bridgeland wins next week due to the head to head tiebreaker. All 4 of Cy Lakes lossses are by a combined 9 points so they win every tiebreaker scenario.

Cy-Lakes has no defense. Already 7-0 Bridgeland

Massoud is extremely calm under pressure, slings a corner pass for a TD. Tied 7-7

Gaffney has a lot of P5 offers for a reason. 14-7 Bridgeland

Sofian Massoud … the young man from NYC or Bronx … decommitted from Rutgers if I remember …

Keep us advised … what class is Cy-Lakes … 4A or 3A or higher


6A … yikes … that is how much I am keeping up with the local HS’s …

There are two usually two divisions of large and small classes … even is Cy-Lakes loses they could still make one class playoff if this is a district game and they are close to the top … win-loss-wise …

Cy-Lakes defense completely non-existent. 21-7 Bridgeland

Oh wow. Bridgeland went for an onside kick and recovered.

28-7 Bridgeland, BHS wants to keep Massoud off the field as much as possible. Cy-Lakes defense really let this game get out of hand pretty quickly.

Massoud don’t look as good as I had hoped

I’m at the game on home side on top if anyone wants to talk UH football :thinking:

At home but would do that if I were there lol

Touchdown pass by Massoud but he came off limping a little

28-14 Bridgeland

He has very little help aside from the receivers. The line needs to block better and the defense can’t stop a bus.