Cyber security and Colonial Pipeline

Just saw this report that Colonial paid ransom.
How would you like to be in that companies IT department right now ?
Have not heard if they do in-house IT or hire someone or some combination.
Talk about being under stress.

If I can’t point to some office wonk to pin this on for opening up an email about seeing Scarlett Johansson’s (my preference but everyone can use their own imagination) Capital Knockers, I would’ve already quit. Best time to find a job is when you have one right? This week I imagine many of them are now unemployed.

I recall seeing an opening for their Cyber Security Manager position floating around last week that had been open for upwards of a month, so there’s that.

Seriously ?
If so, suspect number number 1 is the ex guy :wink:

This storey has an incredible ending of a job well done by the FBI. Something to really be proud of. I was wrongly thinking that cryptocurrency transactions were beyond the prying eyes of
governments and the reason it was used by criminal elements.