D line play Saturday

Has anyone seen any comments from coaches or players on the dline play Saturday, particularly Fleming and others replacing Oliver? I looked to see who got TOP on UHCougars.com but they only list total minutes for the season and not by game.

My memory is not the greatest, but @ half time, TOP was 7+ minutes in USF’s favor. At end of game, it was down to about 2 minutes. We ruled in the second half, and I really did enjoy the last drive. Did it take up about 6 minutes, or am I mistaken . . . . .

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Played a lot guys. Started Turner, Fleming, Carter.
Vaughn, Hall, Young, also played

You want the Game Book that is attached to each game’s news feed:

My bad, I meant TOP to mean “time of play” which isn’t right, duh. I was looking for the playing time for each player. Looks like Hall, Logan, Turner joined Fleming and Carter on the line. I’m trying to keep an eye on who will be back on the dline next year along with Chambers, Hall, Turner and Logan. I know we’ve got the JUCO committed and hopefully some redshirts will develop. Anybody know anything re Willie Smith? I know he needs some weight gain but reviews so far have spoken well of the young man. I also thought that Noah Jones might appear this year but so far he hasn’t.

I don’t think they list snaps on official website…just if a player started or played

I think they have snaps played, but no system for minutes played in football.