D1baseball-NCAA Tourney Scoreboard- https://d1baseball.com/scores/

This is handy.

So glad this is now free. This is the best comprehensive scoreboard out there.

Anyone check out the Bases Loaded channel from ESPN on ESPN3/WatchESPN…kind of like NFL Redzone for tourney games. Really enjoyed watching that earlier.

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5 ranked match ups on Saturday- including UH vs NC & ECU vs SC.

Also: Bonghorns V Gaggies.

I like LSU’s chances late night tomorrow vs #1 Oregon State.

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ESPN has nice College baseball scoreboard in main site as well. Same thing has score then underneath box score etc. It was much easier for me have Espn scoreboard open w having couple ESPN3 gms going on other tabs n can scroll back n forth.

Been a wild day

Scores Sunday, June 3, 2018