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Pretty well done…

http://thedailycougar.com/2021/04/19/dana-holgorsen-uhs-defensive-pressure-highlight-of-spring/Dana Holgorsen: UH’s defensive pressure ‘highlight of spring so far’


Sounds promising. I think that we’ll be strong on the corners. I’m anxious to see if our DL and LBs truly show the kind of improvement that the coach says.

And of course…we need better QB and O-Line play.


Last season we went against some really good QB’s; especially Zach Wilson of BYU. Even with pressure from our DL, that guy was just amazing with pin point accuracy. The Cincy QB was really good also. I’m not sure about Memphis this year, but I suspect they will be tough; however it looks like we have the D to beat anyone. With a hard pass rush and great DB’s it will be hard to score on these guys.

I’m glad to see Logan Hall getting into the form I thought he would when I first saw him play as a freshman. Derrick Parish sounds like he has really stepped it up as well. I know I am a poly, but I am really optimistic about this fall.


a student wrote that…well done

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I am glad Dana verbalized what everyone could see which is they were soft. To me that is the number 1 thing that needs to be fixed.


We won’t be soft this year.

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